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OSCF Tournaments/Quads in April…last chances to qualify for State!

Don’t miss your chance to join us in Seaside at the OSCF State Championship on April 29-30; REGISTER BY CLICKING HERE!

Here’s a quick list of upcoming tournaments in April if you’re not already qualified (check the list, which has been revised for events played through March 29!):

April 15: Chess Odyssey Friday Night Quads in Beaverton

April 16: Last Chance OSCF Qualifier Tournament in Eugene

April 16: Coquille Scholastic and Adult Tournament in Coquille

April 16: Portland Chess Club Quad 45 in Portland

April 17: Silver Knights Chess Club Quads in Happy Valley

Note: “Tournaments” will usually add 5 qualifying games to your total…and “Quads” will usually add 3 qualifying games. (If you get a bye, or an opponent doesn’t show, ask your TD to play an extra game).


Updated Seaside Qualifier Lists Posted (complete as of 3-29)

0425150713DSC_3264We have updated the lists of those qualified for the 2016 OSCF Championship in Seaside with information on events played through March 29.  Qualified players are listed here.  Those needing only one more qualifier or an established rating (15 games) are listed at those links.  There’s still time to qualify!  Once you have, REGISTER FOR OSCF STATE CHAMPIONSHIP HERE, and we’ll look forward to seeing you in Seaside on April 29-30. If you want more information about the event, see some more details here, or take a look at some photos from prior years!

How do I get to play at Seaside?

For the last several years, the OSCF State Chess Championship has been the largest chess tournament in the state.  On April 29-30 of this year, we meet for our 11th annual competition, and we hope you will join us for this fun event and weekend in Seaside, Oregon.  The all-volunteer OSCF board is busily preparing for the event; rules have been drafted, the location secured, trophies are being ordered, and commemorative pins are being designed for players to take home and remember the event by.  On Friday the 29th, Blitz will be back, fast and furious, while Bughouse will return with bug trophies and Crazy Hats in full madhattery.  And, of course, Saturday will bring high-level competition to the hundreds of scholastic players who travel to Seaside for the day’s rounds.  You don’t want to be left out of this event!  Registration will open (keep en eye on in late February.

To come, though, you need to be qualified.  The current list of qualified players can be found here; we will update the qualified player list on a more-or-less a weekly basis through the week before the tournament.  If you want to qualify and haven’t yet done so, though, here’s what you need:

1) Be an Oregon scholastic player, enrolled in K-12 schools, aged at least 5 as of the date of the tournament, and no older than 19 as of September 1 of the year prior to the tournament.

2) Earn an established rating.

What does this mean?  One of the great things about the OSCF State Championship Seaside is that we divide players into grade-and-rating based sections of approximately 32 (or fewer) players, which helps to make sure that every player competes against peers of their age and skill level, and that every player has a reasonable chance to walk away from the event with a great prize.  But this means we have to have a good sense of what every player’s skill level is, and for that, they need to have a certain number of games under their belt.  Under the scholastic rating system used in the Northwest, for instance (the NWSRS), a player’s rating is considered established after they have played 15 career NWSRS rated games.  Note that not all scholastic chess organizers rate their events.  In particular, Chess for Success doesn’t rate, and so games played at CFS events don’t count toward this requirement.  Once you’ve played 15 rated career games, you’re set for life on this requirement; your rating will change as you play additional rated events, the total games just keeps going up, and we can always place you in a section with confidence.  For more information about this requirement, see this post.  The people who are missing only this requirement are listed here.

3) Attend at least two OSCF qualifying tournaments.

OSCF was formed to encourage more parents, coaches, and community volunteers to organize and hold their own chess tournaments throughout the state.  So part of qualifying for State is taking advantage of those opportunities by playing at least two OSCF qualifying tournaments during the relevant year.  If you have an established rating but still need a qualifier tournament (or two) in order to go to OSCF State, there are still several tournaments listed on the NWSRS schedule (on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays) between now and April 20; you want the events listed in Green.  (There are both scholastic events and events at the Portland Chess Club; the latter are generally better for more experienced players, but the G/45 quads, especially, tend to draw a number of less experienced scholastic players.).

That’s it.  There are some small exceptions – for the real nitty-gritty, see the detailed rules.  Or contact us with questions.  But in the end, we’re just looking for Oregon scholastic players who have demonstrated a commitment to chess through the prior year, and who we can place in the tournament in a way that lets us be confident that they and their competitors will have a fair and fun time.


OES Aardvark Tournament on March 12 in Portland– last chance to register!

OES logoThe third annual OES Aardvark Chess Tournament will be on Saturday, March 12, at Oregon Episcopal School in SW Portland. This is an OSCF State qualifier tournament. Cash prizes for the top section, cool awards and plus score medals, little prizes for first-time tournament players, raffles, and more. There is only space for about 140 players, so register before it’s too late!

Late registration extended through midnight March 10th
Registration closes at midnight on March 10th. Sorry, NO ON-SITE REGISTRATION.

Proceeds from the event will benefit the Children’s Book Bank and OSCF; children’s book donations are welcome. Click here for more details and to register online.


Lucky Leprechaun Tournament on March 13 in Klamath Falls

The Brixner Junior High Chess Club invites you to the Lucky Leprechaun Tournament, an OSCF State qualifier!

leprechaunEarly registration is due by Saturday, March 12, 2016 by 5:00pm.

To register, send player name, grade, school and contact information for the player or parent (phone number & e-mail address) to Tournament Directors:

Ciara Dykstra:          Phone: 541-891-6486
Devin Landrum:          Phone: 541-891-2908