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Summer 2013 All-Stars & All-Star Registration is LIVE

The Summer 2013 All-Stars List has been compiled for rated events completed as of August 31, 2013, and can be found here.  Any player on one or more of the winter, spring or fall lists — or on the 2013 Lifetime Achievement list — is eligible to participate in the 2013 6th Annual Oregon All-Stars Invitational, which will be held in Salem on October 11, 2013 (details and rules here).  The cumulative lists for 2013 can be found here.

If you’re on one of the lists, Online Registration for All-Stars is now open!  (Please note that the initial registration period closes on October 1; later registration is possible, but will cost an additional $10. )

We hope to see you in Salem in a month, and that you’ll join us at the Capitol to celebrate an excellent year of chess in anticipation for yet another.

2013 Lifetime Achievement List Posted

In recognition of their long dedication to chess, the 25 Oregon Scholastic players (for 2013-14) who have played the largest number of rated games over their entire chess career are eligible to participate at the All-Stars Chess Tournament.  This year’s list has been posted; you can find it here.  If your name is on the list, we’ll hope to see you in Salem for the All-Stars tournament on Friday, October 11.  Registration links and details for All-Stars will be posted by Monday next week, along with the Summer 2013 All-Stars list (for the period from May to August).

Oregon Top 25 Scholastic List Updated

The latest and greatest Top 25 list is updated through events rated through 9/3/2013, including Oregon Open. Several players have picked up hundreds of ratings points over the past few months, leaping from “not on the list” to “pretty high up on the list” virtually over night. Staying active during the summer pays off!