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Coquille’s LaVerne Park Tourney: More to Come!

Umbrellas decorate the shelter at the Coquille Chess LaVerne Park Chess Tournament on June 23, the first of a series of three. Next two tournaments are July 7th and July 28th. Hopefully sunscreen instead of umbrellas will be needed at the future events!Despite constant rain the day before, Coquille’s Coach Nancy Keller did not cancel the LaVerne Park chess tournament on Saturday June 23.  She reports that the tourney was a success, though a bit damp:

Twelve true diehard chess players (and true Oregonians) attended the tournament which provided an opportunity to keep their chess skills primed during the summer.  Adults and scholastic players attended, including Aaron Grabinsky and Josiah Perkins — Coquille’s top two rated players, who are looking ahead to the US Chess Open they plan to attend in August.

Coach Keller announced that she could not control the lighting, the temperature, the noise level or the wetness, but she could guarantee fun.  There was no rain to start, but Coach Keller did not dare trust the skies and kept the tournament at tables she had collected under the yellow shelter the night before. The players huddled at their boards laid out on the three nearly dry picnic tables. Non-player family members played scrabble or caught salamanders at the nearby river.