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Wild Year For The Big OSCF Swisses

Oregon Chess season started out with record turnout at the Oregon All-Stars fall kickoff event. After that, several of the qualifiers had absurd growth compared with last year:

Metzger Winter Classic: 89 players last year and 131 this year.

Corvallis MLK: 98 last year and 150 registered this year (actual turnout dropped to 131 because of icy roads).

Whitford/Cooper Mtn.: 126 last year and 169 this year.

Grizzly Classic in Salem: 56 last year and 95 this year.

Also, last weekend Chess Odyssey’s Friday quads had record turnout of 53.

Once again, we’re expecting record numbers at that State Championships in Seaside. To qualify for state, players must meet three criteria:
1. be Oregon-based K-12 players (home-schoolers welcome!);
2. play in two OSCF qualifiers since last year’s championships (green font on the calendar);
3. have an established NWSRS rating (15 games lifetime) or USCF rating (26 games lifetime).

To register, click “Online Registration” on the left sidebar at

Seaside: HS and MS Elite/Open sections and BLITZ

Players in the HS and MS Elite sections may play in the blitz tournament at Seaside as well. Check-in for blitz closes at 4:00, but second round of MS and HS Elite could last as late as 4:15. No problem. If you want to play in the blitz tournament, you may check-in when you arrive for the regular tournament late Friday morning (or any time before 4:00). Games in the blitz tournament will not begin until after 4:30.

Saturday: Salem! Coquille! Portland Chess Club!

2012 Grizzly Classic in Salem is open to all K-12 players. Play will be divided into several sections, so the tournament is suitable to young novices and strong high school players as well. Affordable entry fee: $10 (with $5 late fee).

Green Coquille is primarily scholastic but is open to all ages. Affordable entry fee: $10. Not from the southwest coast of Oregon? No problem. Some local families would love to house out-of-towners, and there are local hotels.

Spring Open at the Portland chess club is open to all but is intended for adults and mature scholastic players who can sit for 10-12 hours of chess for two days in a row.

Friday: Happy Valley Qualifier

Is your elementary or middle school closed tomorrow (Friday, March 16)? If the answer is “yes,” you can play in an OSCF championship qualifier tournament at Happy Valley Elementary.

Separate sections for advanced and novice players with plenty of trophies, medals or chess souvenirs for everyone playing in the tournament.

Pre-registration required by midnight Thursday, March 15.

Championship T-Shirt Design Contest

Submit the winning design for this year’s “Seaside T-Shirt” and win $100.00 plus a free OSCF State Championship Shirt. Runner-up will be used on the cover of the Championship program and a free registration to the State Championships

Please use this format to submit your design: OSCF TShirt Design Application 2012

Design must contain the phrases “7th Annual OSCF State Chess Championship”, “April 27-28, 2012″, and “Seaside, Oregon”. No limit on colors. Shirts will be produced on demand, on site, on customer’s choice of shirt color. We are flexible with file formats (but not infinitely flexible!).

All submissions must be submitted electronically as email attachments to by Friday, March 30. Please include your full name, grade (or “adult”), and phone number.

Hannibal Memorial Service

There will be a memorial service for Dana Hannibal this Sunday, March 11, at 2:00 PM at Morningstar Community Church, 4775 27th Ave SE in Salem. All are welcome.

A Lovely, Haunting Poem By Dana Hannibal, 1994-2012

What I Would Do

If I were a ghost
I would leave Salem
And drift across the world
From island to island
Continent to continent
Over oceans and mountains alike.

Content, I would look
At cherry trees exploding
And throwing their petals
Like snowflakes into the air.

I’d leave earth as it cooled
And faded to grey and sepia,
Travel to space and star gaze
At the constellations, up close.

Maybe I’d see a blue dwarf
That reached towards me
With spluttering, flaming arms.
And for a moment I would remember
A time when I knew who I was,
And a green world,
Alone among the silence.

Maybe I’d go back home
And see that old globe
And see the red sun
Flicker and fade into nothing
And I wouldn’t look away,
Not this time.

-Dana Hannibal

State Championship Booths And Vendors

OSCF welcomes vendors and information booths at the OSCF state championships in Seaside. There is plenty of space in the large skittles room, and there will be approximately 300 K-12 players along with an equal number of parents, coaches, siblings, and friends. For more information about reserving space in the skittles room, contact Andrei Botez.

Alexandra Botez: 40th Chess Olympiad

Oregon’s Alexandra Botez is among the top 100 girls (U18) in the world and has been named to the women’s team representing Canada in the 2012 Chess Olympiad in Istanbul, Turkey. She will get to meet and play against the strongest female chess players in the world. Congratulations, Alexandra!