2011 All-Stars Invitational

Oregon All-Stars Invade the Capitol

The 4th Annual Oregon All-Stars Invitational tournament is scheduled for October 14, 2011 in Salem. The event is held in the grandeur of State Capitol building and is specially designed to celebrate the accomplishments of the strongest scholastic players in the state. All participants will be recognized in a special awards ceremony in the Capitol Galleria to receive All-Stars pins and a special All-Stars gift and will then have the chance to compete for cash prizes in small, evenly-matched sections.

Participation is by invitation only for players who either: i. were among the top ten highest rated, active players in their grade during one of year’s trimesters September-December, January-April, or May-August are invited, or ii. have demonstrated long-term commitment and have appeared on a “Lifetime Achievement” list of the top 25 most active NWSRS players.

If you aren’t on one of this year’s lists yet, summer offers a great opportunity to make it onto the Fall All-Stars list, published at the beginning of September. Many players don’t play during the summer, but only players that are active during the summer are eligible. A smaller pool of eligible players makes it easier to make it onto the list. Be sure to check the NWSRS calendar for rated events this summer.

Some scholastic events, appropriate for K-12 players of all skill levels:
August 20: Corvallis Dog Days
August 27: August Albany Open

Events for adults and more experienced scholastic players:
July 30: Portland Chess Club G/60
August 12-14: Portland Chess Club Centennial Open
August 27: Portland Chess Club G/60

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